China Guangxi Geoffering Company Ltd

Guangdong and Guangxi export manufactured products.

We are direct exporter export of the below products in partnership with selected manufacturers from Guangxi and Guangdong:

Building material department

Ceramic floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, porcelain facade tiles, glass mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, ceramic baseboards...

Tiling cement glue, joints mortar and other tiling tools

Sanitary ware and appliances
washbasins, toilets, bidets, bathtubs, massage bathtubs, shower trays, shower rooms, massage shower rooms, squatting-pans, urinals, mop tubs, sinks, taps and accessories

Domestic and commercial air source heat pumps water heaters
Household combined air-conditioner and water heater sets by air exchanging

Building and decoration hollow glass bricks

Aluminium suspended ceilings
Indoor - outdoor models of square panels suspended ceilings, grille suspended ceilings, loose strips panels suspended ceilings and seamless strips panels suspended ceilings.

PVC pipes and PVC fittings for plumbing applications

Plywood non-painting house doors with wood slat inside and PVC steel suspended interior doors

Indoor electricity accessories such as on-off switches, utility outlets, circuit breakers and other jacks

Polyurethane foam decoration building materials

Guangxi Mao Bamboo flooring and wall tiling

Steel wire mesh and steel wire for industry, agriculture & other uses

Hardware department for manufacturers and wholesalers

Furniture hardware
furniture casters, furniture legs, table legs, furniture legs accessories, office chair bases, shelves supports, wardrobes brackets and hinges, door closers, hinges for wood and aluminium furniture and cabinet doors ...

Decorative hardware
decorative handles and knobs for doors, furniture, kitchen furniture, closets and other uses
decorative screws sets with caps used to hang professional nameplates and signs made by metal, glass, ceramic..

Glass hardware
glass clamps, glass connectors, glass door hinges, glass door handles, glass door locks, glass cabinet locks
crystal knobs for doors, cabinets and drawers

Locks for special uses
cabinet lock and push lock, mailbox lock, glass cabinet lock, glass gate lock, mortise lock, handle lock, aluminium door lock and lock accessories

Aluminium edge strips
corner series for ceramic tile and stone, tile anti-slip step treads, floor transition strips, ceiling strips, baseboards, wire outer sheaths and carpet tack strips.

Hardware general index

Chemicals department

Caustic soda

Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium carbide

Calcium carbonate

Guangxi forestry organic chemicals
including rosin modified phenolic resin, pine oil, pine tree gum rosin...

General trade department

Counterbalance 750kg to 20 tons forklift trucks
CE approval electric, gasoline and diesel forklift trucks

Fire extinguishers and other fire fighting products

Guangdong, Guangxi and whole southern China sourcing

Other products and services for Geoffering Ltd customers

Merchandise agency services

As we have a good international trade experience, an experimented commercial staff, offices in Guangdong and Guangxi we are wishful to explore any proposal to represent SME/SMI consumer goods foreign companies willing to export in Southern China. You are welcome to contact us anytime.

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