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Guangxi Wuzhou Geoffering Co Ltd (China)

Other Guangdong and Guangxi products and services
These products and services are mainly offered to the customers we already deal with

General trade department

General lighting service lamps and fluorescent lamps

CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, BD-R, DVD+R and mini DVD-RW for wholesale
12 types of recordable compact discs

Household products

Wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions

Hurricane lanterns, oil lamps, candle lamps and outdoor torches

Mixed containers

Upon request we can supply for several products mixed containers loaded with most of products from our General Trade Department or originated from Guangxi and Guangdong other factories. Freel free to consult us about conditions.

Other customers services

Sourcing services

Southern China products sourcing

We can source and export many products from Guangdong, Guangxi and whole Southern China. Continued

Merchandise agency services

As we have a good international trade experience, an experimented commercial staff, offices in Guangdong and Guangxi we are wishful to explore any proposal to represent SME/SMI consumer goods foreign companies willing to export in Southern China. You are welcome to contact us anytime.

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