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Guangdong, Guangxi and whole southern China sourcing

Southern China products sourcing

In the current commercial climate, the need to manage the entire business more cost-effectively is driving the trend for global sourcing and business process outsourcing.  We search Southern China for the best products and services at competitive prices. Everything we do starts and finishes with satisfying YOU the customer. Across two continents we are the trusted partner of contractors, construction and facilities companies, industries, manufacturers and Geoffering's supplying them with the materials, products and services they need, when and where they need them at competitive prices.

Whatever you are looking to source, we have the contacts that will enable you to secure your purchases.
As a business we focus our attention on excellent communication. We work in partnership with our clients. We understand the challenges facing their businesses and we are sufficiently flexible to adapt our business to best support your changing needs.

Whatever you are interested in importing from Southern China, we can help you to succeed in finding the best available price and quality available anywhere. Although China is renowned for producing goods at highly competitive prices, you will be surprised by the difference it will make when we approach a manufacturer on your behalf. Our reach extends to almost every industry across the width and breadth China and as long as you are looking to buy wholesale quantities, we are sure we are able to help you.

We will be an extension to your business, acting effectively as “your partner in Southern China”, able to support you in all aspects including goods inspection and logistics of your international trading, thereby allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
We have developed a unique and extensive network of contacts in China to source, design and manufacture a wide variety of products to your specifications.
We can assemble the right team for the right product and deliver at the right cost at the right time.

Below are some pointers you should be considering when deciding to source you products from overseas.

1. Total Landed Cost. It is easy to focus on the lowest unit cost and assume that's the best way to go. However, unit cost is just one of the pieces completing the total cost equation. Other factors include transportation, customs and duties, brokerage services (both at origin and destination), tax rebates, banking fees, financing, and insurance. Additionally, "any delays in the supply chain could result in expedited freight charges in order to meet the target delivery date."

2. Product Quality. Quality needs to be defined so that both the supplier and buyer understand and are in agreement. If there are issues with the quality of the product, it is much harder to address with a vendor through cultures, time zones and geographies, than if you are meeting with a local supplier." Defective products lead to unhappy customers, A key part of an efficient supply chain is having quality product all the way through it,

3. Logistics Capability. Just having great products and quality won't mean a thing if you can't get your goods to market. You also need transportation, both domestically and internationally, which will require reliable transportation infrastructure in the country. Is there a sound transportation infrastructure from the sourcing/manufacturing origin point to the port? Once the freight is ready for international transport, is there space or lift available?" Make sure your logistics service providers can quickly implement alternate plans if your primary plan or transportation lanes become unavailable.

4. Location. An awareness of the common cultural differences and similarities, including language, can minimize the likelihood of misunderstandings due to unfamiliarity with the other country's people.

5. Trade Regulations. Before any sourcing decision is made, it is imperative all trade incentives or restrictions are carefully evaluated. It is also essential to be familiar with documentation requirements for customs clearance.

6. Finances. recommends manufacturers ask the following questions related to the financial aspects of the deal: What terms can be negotiated? What is the risk with a given manufacturer? How much insurance is required? Can credit terms be leveraged, resulting in less risk and cost to you the buyer? How will the increased transport time result in tied up inventory -- affect your cash-to-cash cycle?

7. Communication/IT Capabilities. Open dialogue and communication is imperative between the supplier and buyer. Late, missing or inaccurate documents can cause delays of customs clearance and ultimately, delivery to destination. E-mail and the Internet, and good old phone calls, can go a long way to supply chain efficiency."

8. Human Toll. keep in mind that there is a real human effort to visit and work with suppliers overseas, particularly the cost of time away from the office and family. "If someone is spending a day or more travelling, that is time away from the office and presumably the work that would be done. In addition, cultural differences need to be thought of ahead of time in order to avoid inadvertently insulting the hosts.

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