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Domestic and commercial air source heat pumps water heaters

Household combined air-conditioner and water heater sets by air exchanging

Combined air-conditioner and water heater sets wall-hung type air source water heater Pre-instant heating  type holistic air source water heater
We offer directly from Guangdong factory domestic air source heat pump water heaters from 60 to 500 litres, commercial air heat pump water heaters producing 2 to 20 tons of hot water per day and domestic combined air-conditioner and water heaters sets using air conditioner warm air or air heat pump.

The main manufacture base has obtained the ISO9001 international quality system authentication and the IS14001 environment management system authentication.
Most of the products have obtained the American UL, CE of European Economic Community, GS of German, CB of international electrician and China  authentication CCC world high standard quality safe authentications.

We use only premium guaranteed raw materials. Example all our compressors are only Japanese ones.
Our output distribution rate is America 45%, Europe 30% and Asia 25%

Air source water heaters: a safe technology

Air source water heaters transmits heat from the refrigerating liquid in gas state, which is jetted from compressor to the water heating pot. The electricity is applied to the compressor. The hot gas transmits heat to the water in heating pot trough a high efficiency pipe. The electricity is completely separate from the water. That means danger like creepage, burning without water, emitting poisonous gas can be avoided. Furthermore air source water heaters do not have the problem of solar water heaters which are not working at cloudy or raining days.

Air source water heaters saving energy and protecting environment

Air source water heater making use of high efficiency environment protected refrigerating liquid, can generate hot water up to 60°C. The heat efficiency can be over 380%, saving more energy by 80% comparing with ordinary water heater, 30% comparing with pipe transmitting gas in  city, 20% comparing with fuel water heater. There is no poisonous gas, liquid or trash letting while running.

Air source water heater selection guide

When selecting an air source water heater, these conditions should be fully considered: local weather, daily average hot water demand, hot water sustainable demand time, average hot water demand per hour, hot water demand peak value, hot water temperature demand and supplement water temperature. Choose daily working time of the unit equally to 70% daytime, different water tank sizes to satisfy hot water demand peak value, defrosting matched unit or not (and type if needing) according to the local weather to meet hot water demand peak value


* Consult us for 7-10 tons and 14-20 tons daily commercial air source water heaters

Products codes information

AC— Only for refrigeration hot water double-function unit. This is omitted with single-function water heater.
WH—Air source water heater
012—Rated quantity of heat: figure X 1000BTU/h
A—Power supply: “A” means single-phase. “E” means triple-phase.
C/H—Air-condition function: “C” means cool function only, “H” means hot/cool double functions
Z—Structure type: means holistic type. This code is omitted with combined type.

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