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Guangxi Wuzhou Geoffering Ltd. is a private comprehensive enterprise approved by Ministry of Commerce of the People's Repulic of China in 2004 mainly for Export of building materials.

As a direct supplier and exporter in partnership with producers and being a manufacturers agent, we are located in southern China in Wuzhou City, Guangxi province but our working area includes Foshan and Guangzhou area based on our partnership networks. To assist overseas customers an efficient China purchasing trip, a direct visit in our showroom will be proposed to you as:

Furthermore we assist Chinese importers to seek overseas suppliers.

We offer to overseas customers effective reliable and professional services for:

Building materials & other products

Ceramic tiles
Ceramic floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, porcelain facade tiles, glass mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, baseboards...
Sanitary ware, sanitary appliances and taps
Other building materials
Hardware for furniture manufacturers and wholesalers
Caustic soda, Calcium hypochlorite, Calcium carbide, Calcium carbonate, Pine oil, Pine tree gum rosin
Agriculture Machinery
Eggs incubators and hatchers
Diesel Generator


Recently we were attacked by hacker in company mailbox, where the hacker avails the opportunity to write to our overseas customers in our name and mailbox or a false email created very similar as us to inform customers the banking information change.

For example "geoffering" is our company name, i like ice. We found that a crook was using ( l like long ) to contact our customer.

For safety reason and to avoid any chance of money loss, we hereby emphasis that only two official banking accounts we have in China in favor of:


To protect the interests of both customer and us, we strongly advice you to have a comparison check with the above accounts when you receive our PI and proceed any payment.

We already updated all our email boxes with top-class safety measures to against hackers, but to be more safe, we strongly propose you:

1) To make us a simple reply when receiving our email, this is to guarantee we are in certain email communication.

2) Should you find any email concerning our banking information change, please do not trust and send us immediately to our official email address as below:

3) It would be appreciated if you put us into your WHATSAPP, VIBER list for emergency purpose and information verification.

Thanks for your comprehension and hope everybody is safe in this crisis. Should you find something abnormal, please kindly inform us in the 1st minute to help us a necessary investigation on the criminals.

Thanks for your cooperation, we still believe that EVIL NEVER DEFEAT JUSTICE.

Best regards,

Michelle H.Zhang

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