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Guangxi Mao Bamboo flooring and wall tiling


Geoffering Bamboo flooring and bamboo wall tilling are made from the local high quality Mao bamboo which has a diameter of 13 to 15cm and reaches 30 meters height. It came into being after thirty processing as bleaching, dehydrating, hot-pressing, etc. So it has the character of mothproof antiseptic, and non-deforming.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is an extremely dense kind of bamboo flooring. Unlike regular solid bamboo flooring, strand woven bamboo flooring is made by shredding the bamboo into long strips then pressing them with 1,200 tonnes of pressure to create an extremely dense brick of bamboo, out of which the flooring boards are cut. The result is a bamboo flooring product which is comparable in density to Brazilian walnut. Arguably the greatest advantage of such a dense floor is the fact that it is more impact resistant than most other flooring.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is bonded with a phenolic resin that is very hard, durable and stable. This means that VOC off gassing from our strand woven bamboo flooring is very rare and also very minimal should it off gas at all. Since our flooring is not bonded with urea-formaldehyde, it qualifies for LEED credit EQ4.4.

There are two colors for you to choose: Carbonize and Natural. The carbonized one looks dignity and calm and equable, the natural one looks vivid and elegant with clear grains. It’s warmly welcomed since it is put into the domestic market and abroad

The grain patterns are referred to as horizontal or vertical. The vertical pattern shows small strips and therefore creates an interesting linear pattern, where as the horizontal pattern shows and accentuates the nodes found in the bamboo stalk

The bamboo flooring and bamboo wall tilling is an ideal decoration for hotel, office and home supply.

There are 2 types of bamboo tiles: horizontal and vertical

Floor and wall bamboo tiles models and packing

About Mao bamboo

Mao bamboo plantation in Guangxi province

Botanically speaking, bamboo is not wood, but a species of grass that hardens and grows extremely quickly. There are roughly 1,000 bamboo species in the world, which have different colours, features, strengths and density. We only only uses Mao Bamboo because of its ideal physical and mechanical properties. Mao bamboo is scientifically known as Phyllostachys pubescens, it is the largest member of the phyllostachys genus and is also known as "giant bamboo".

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, reaching its full height within only a half year. Some species can grow up to three feet (1m) per day in the growing season, due to a unique and aggressive rhizome system (a rhizome is basically an underground root network). Then it needs approximately 5-7 years to mature to the point of acquiring enough hardness and density to be used in any finishing application.

Mao Bamboo has a diameter of 5” to 6” (13 to 15cm), fine colour, grain and density which are comparable to hardwood, yet distinct in its aesthetic appeal. Bamboo material is very suitable for veneer, panels, flooring, plywood, furniture, cabinets, fence panels and other interior construction applications.

Mao Bamboo is only found in sub-tropical climates, and the Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces in China are its original and natural habitat. It reaches heights of 100’ (30 meters) and a circumference of 6” (15cm) at the stem.

Mao bamboo is not used by panda bears for food. 

Other parts to complete wall and floor tiling
Wall base, wide reducer, T-molding, threshold and base shoe

Bamboo flooring installation instructions

Mao Bamboo staircases

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