China Diesel Generator and Generating Sets

Everybody knows that there are hundreds of Generators and Alternators cohabitated in the market which could be manufactured as different quality of Gen-sets through a general combination of various kinds of components, this makes the buyers a big confusion in purchasing. To help our world-wide customers in machinery business line to make a wise choice, we make a careful research in the market and choose only the direct manufacturers whom are in reliable quality supply and enjoy a high reputation in the market, this is to guarantee our customers to stay away from Gen-set running problems and to get what they exactly pay for.

Introduction of WEICHAI Generating Sets

WEICHAI is the Top Brand in China which has a long history in producing advanced and various generating sets. Due to its strong capability in product renovation and quality product supply, it enjoys a high reputation in China domestic market and also well-known in the world.

WEICHAI Diesel Gen-set series of 226B, WD615/618, 6160, X170, and CW200 are from 15kW to 1250kW, which are alternative for land and marine use as prime power or standby power. All the Land diesel gen-set models could be supplied with or without AMF, ATS, Fuel tank, Weather canopy, Sound proof, trailer and truck station. All the Marine diesel gen-set models could be supplied in 3 different types including common type, automotive type and emergency automotive starting type.

BV, RS, CCS, ZY Certificates could be supplied for all the Gen-set models.

To match the supply of our Machinery Exportation, here we recommend only 226B series Diesel Land Gen-sets as below.

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